Hurricane Rated Products


CORRIM offers hurricane rated doors and frames that meet the Florida Building Code (FBC)  and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements.

CORRIM hurricane rated doors and frames are available in standard sizes. Each frame is completely sealed and corrosion resistant.

Styles and Colors

CORRIM hurricane rated doors and frames are available in four factory finished standard colors or primed for field painting. CORRIM also offers 25 optional colors.

If you would like a unique color, CORRIM has custom color matching capabilities for a specific color.


CORRIM hurricane rated doors manufactured with pultruded components having a minimum of 50% fiberglass for strength and durability.

Face sheets are available in smooth and pebble textures.

Test Reports

To view the Florida Building Code files for CORRIM go to the Florida Building Commission.

In the FL box type one of the following codes:

  • 14311.R5
  • 12574.R5

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true fiberglass rated door with encapsulated core.
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