About Us


CORRIM (corrosion-immune) is an established manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) doors, frames, fixed windows, fixed wall louvers and door accessories. With over 40 years expertise, CORRIM Company specializes in the fabrication of both fully-customized door systems and a complete range of door panels. More importantly, we never lose sight of the fact that attention is given to ensure the final product is of sound design and engineering and of the highest quality.

The Choice is YOURS

Why FiberGlass?

The properties of fiberglass reinforced polymer make it ideal for a broad range of applications. CORRIM door and frame products offer structural integrity and resistance to many elements. Fiberglass is resistant to corrosive environments, it is not conductive and acts as an excellent insulator, nonmagnetic, provides great strength, lightweight, dimensionally stable and features a smooth surface that withstands cleaning agents and animal wastes. Fiberglass composite will not detriorate or flake. In addition, polymer doors are very resistant to traffic abuse. In broad terms, CORRIM door and frame products are unique in their application against other materials.

Green Initiatives

Since the installation of the solar panels in late 2015 Corrim, on a monthly basis, has reduced CO2 emission by 2.80 ton, reduced nuclear waste by 6.62 oz., saved .35 trees, reduced the use of oil by 2.20 barrels. The energy produced by the solar panels installation could power a Segway for 10.3 million miles, fuel an electric car for 2.4 million miles or supply energy for 55, 4 family households. Corrim has also replaced all of the light fixtures to LED lighting. The sales of Corrim doors and frames diverts approximately 4500 tons of waste yearly from the landfill.