FRP Polyfire™ Fire Rated Products


CORRIM Company offers FRP Polyfire™ fire doors and frames available with 20 through 90 minute UL ratings.

CORRIM has pioneered the development of fire doors for a variety of industries and applications in the pharmaceutical, water treatment and industrial markets due to its noncorrosive characteristics.

The fire rated fiberglass (FRP) frames are manufactured in strict accordance with the procedures approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. The frames are available in standard sizes.

Styles and Colors

CORRIM doors and frames are available in four factory finished standard colors or primed for field painting. CORRIM Company also offers 25 optional colors.

If you would like a unique color, CORRIM has custom color matching capabilities for a specific color.

UL Codes

  • Swinging type fire doors per categories GSYX and GSYX7
  • Category A and G type doors for UL-10C
  • Category G gasketing materials under the category GVYI
  • Positive pressure tests per category GSZN
  • Fire Door and Window Frames per category GVTV
  • UL Classified:
    • S: Smoke and Draft Control
    • C: Canada
    • US: United States
  • UL-10B: The standard Safety of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UL-10C: The standard for Safety of Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • Provisions: Uniform Building Code UBC 7-2
  • Fire Door Tests per ANSI/UL10B (Neutral Pressure Test)
  • Fire Door Test per ANSI/UL10C (Positive and Negitive Pressure Test)
  • Fire Door Test per CAN/UL-S104-10


CORRIM Polyfire™ doors and frames are manufactured with pultruded components having a minimum of 50% fiberglass for strength and durability.

Face sheets are available in smooth, pebble or wood grain textures.


The fusible link louver for a Fire Rated Fiberglass Door is either made from galvanized metal or stainless steel.


CORRIM’s Fire Rated Doors are UL certified. To view the files, go to the UL website and enter one of the following file numbers.
  • R18105
  • R19079

Technical Facts

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